Avner Tavori
Avner Tavori

Is equality essential for justice to prevail?

What happens if countries become lawless?


Those questions are central to the plot that caused three friends who moved far away from each other, to meet again and face those existential questions head-on.


Gavri, Chaim, and Uzi were born right when Israel became an independent country. They grew up in Israel in the 1950s, went to the same school, were involved with the same Youth Movement, and became close friends. But some thirty years later, in the summer of 1982, they find themselves as far away from each other as can be.


Gavri, who has become an influential photojournalist, is embedded with the Israeli troops that invaded Lebanon in the summer of 1982; covering the war and experiencing a country that has become lawless due to years of conflict and civil war. Self-described as politically “Leftist”, Gavri is horrified by the implications of a lawless society if it becomes a legitimate choice.


Chaim, moderately religious who over the years has become radicalized and one of the leaders of the Settler Movement in the Occupied West Bank, finds himself entangled in a murder plot when a group of young Settlers plant a bomb that killed a mayor of a small Palestinian town.


Uzi grew up to become a Right-Wing Jewish Nationalist, and a prominent professional in the ShinBet – Israel’s most powerful national security apparatus. A believer in the supremacy of “Law and Order” in society and in his personal and professional life, resentful of any attempt to manipulate his basic core values, Uzi is horrified by an attempt to place Settlers above the law.


During the summer of 1982, with war raging in Lebanon, the cycle of Palestinian terrorist attacks at one of its peeks, and settlers in the West Bank taking matters into “their own hands”, the three old childhood friends meet again, forced to make choices under the most dramatic circumstances.


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