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Randall Productions -                                                                                                           present

working on research and production of TV documentary programs

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Author - "By God's Will" - a novel                                                                                 2024                            http://www.avner-tavori.com/by-god-s-will


Author - "Dead End Summer" - a political novel                                                          2023




Consultant                                                                                                                      2016 - 2018

- Initiation and oversight of large-scale initiatives

- Capacity building & Development


The ABRAHAM FUND INITIATIVES (TAFI)                                                            2012 -  2015

Director of Partnerships.  

- Primary focus on expanding the circle of major gift donors and prospects

- Maintaining relations with donors

- Soliciting from individuals and foundations

- Making presentations

- Developing alternative channels of resources beyond traditional philanthropy





UJA FEDERATION OF NEW YORK,  Planning Executive                                         2007-2011                                                

Commission on the Jewish People.

- Managed grants for programs in Israel, provided oversight and planning for programs in Israel

- Coordinated work with Lay Leaders and other professionals

- Prepared position papers and guidelines for programs and grants


WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS (WJC) - Director of communications                           2005 - 2007

Director of Media Relations, internal and external communications, branding, and publishing.

- Main contact to all Press and media outlets, mainstream and Jewish

- Issued Press releases, initiated story ideas, and developed personal relations with journalists

- Created a new contemporary look for the WJC, including a new logo and letterhead

- Supervised design and production of WJC publications, for printed and web applications


RANDALL PRODUCTIONS INC.,  Partner                                                                    2001-2005

- Producer of documentary programs for Television.

- Manager of day-to-day activities; oversees all corporate responsibilities.


CONFERENCE ON JEWISH MATERIAL CLAIMS                                                      1999-2001           

 Slave Labor project manager

- Managed the Forced Slave and Forced Laborers Compensation Project, an internationally coordinated project of Holocaust survivors’ claims from around the world.

- Set up screening and processing centers for claims in New York, Germany, and Israel

- Supervised graphic design and printing


SET PRODUCTIONS INTERNATIONAL INC.                                                           1997-1999

(Israeli based Production Company of documentary films and TV programs)

Represented the company in the United States and managed the company's New York office.

- Participated in writing and producing the company's films and programs, and maintained contacts with TV broadcasters and programmers to further develop the company's profile in the US.



-Media adviser to Israel's Ambassador to the UN and the official spokesperson of the Israeli Mission.

- Responsibilities include Official statements, speeches, press releases & newsletters, briefings & interviews.

- Worked closely with the international media - television, radio, and print and was responsible for PR and public events involving the Ambassador, - Liaison to American Jewish organizations.


POLICY DATA & INFORMATION BUREAU, Director                                                    1991-1992

(A think tank working for the Israel Labor Party 1992 election campaign) 

- Initiated ideas for studies and reports on the economic cost of political choices. Coordinated and supervised research, handled production of printed material and press coverage, maintained contact with the board of directors, managed the budget, and supervised all office activities.


GOLDA MEIR ASSOCIATION, Ex. Director                                                                     1986-1991

(An American-based organization that provides public and financial support to strengthen the values of democracy, tolerance, and pluralism in Israel.)

- Directed all activities of the organization. Developed and carried out fund‑raising programs, cultivated lay leadership, directed the activities of volunteers, wrote marketing material and proposals, promoted the association's goals through public appearances, and managed staff and volunteers in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.



U.S. REPRESENTATIVE - ISRAEL LABOR PARTY                                                         1986-1991

- Served as public relations consultant to the ISRAEL LABOR PARTY on American affairs. Coordinated Shimon Peres' and the ISRAEL LABOR PARTY fund-raising campaign in the United States for the 1988 election.


 U.S. CORRESPONDENT for DAVAR                                                                                1986-1991

- Regular contributor to the op-ed section of DAVAR, One of Israel's leading daily newspapers; wrote regularly for the weekend edition on current American and Israeli-related issues.


 CHIEF NEWS EDITOR                                                                                                       1985-1986 


-In charge of "DAVAR"'s News Department which was undergoing a severe management crisis at that time.

- Managed a staff of 100 including reporters, editors, graphic designers, photographers, and freelance writers.

- Directed staff assignments supervised layout and printing. Wrote editorials focusing on Israeli politics.

- Developed policies and guidelines to provide a new structure to the news department.

- Managed transition of the news department from manual Linotype operation to a fully computerized system.


RADIO JOURNALIST                                                                                                           1974-1985


- Held various positions at ISRAEL NATIONAL RADIO ["KOL ISRAEL"], the major radio station in Israel, including Senior News Editor, Political Correspondent, Host and Producer of Radio Talk Shows, and Reporter on special assignments.

- Senior Producer in charge of the national election coverage. Supervised a staff of 200, and coordinated logistics with government agencies.

- Senior Editor and host of weekly radio news show "The Week in Review."

-  War correspondent in Lebanon during the 1982 war.

- Covered peace talks with Egypt. Traveled to Cairo and conducted several interviews with the late President Sadat and other Egyptian officials.




PRESIDENT, 310 WEST 99TH STREET OWNERS COOP                                           2000 - 2022

As the elected President of the COOP board oversaw work performed by the managing agency, real estate lawyers, building engineers, and contractors, and also oversaw the building's budget and financials.




Hebrew University, Jerusalem, B.A. in International Relations and Political Science


School of Radio Broadcasting - Israel National Radio, Jerusalem, Graduate - Radio Journalism


Languages: English, Hebrew.



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