Avner Tavori
Avner Tavori

In the heart of New York City, Ron Gavish's dream job at the Israeli Mission to the UN spirals into a nightmare when he stumbles upon a labyrinth of religious zealotry, filled with secrets and mortal danger at every turn.


Ron Gavish, a young radio journalist from Jerusalem, has landed his dream job as the Press Secretary at the Israeli Mission to the UN. Situated in the heart of New York City, with an office overlooking Second Avenue, he possesses a Press Pass that grants him the freedom to roam the UN building and a front-row seat to history-altering events.


Unbeknownst to him, creeping in the shadows, people with radical religious agendas would turn his dream job into a nightmare.


The book fuses real people - their ideas, opinions, positions, and worldviews - and real historical events, with fictional characters and imaginary events, to create a plot that spells out the unsettling consequences when radical religious zealots—Jewish, Muslim, and Christian alike—are fully committed to following what they believe is God’s will.


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A Hebrew version is available to download in PDF format below:


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